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My name is Marquice Gee, and I am the Founder of G4 Unlimited, LLC. I am a power networker and dynamic communicator with a passion to empower millennials to develop their personal and professional footprints to achieve success, by guiding them on their journey through self-discovery, dynamic planning, and effectual collaboration.


G4 Unlimited is a family-based business that is dedicated to proving the impossible. We lead everything with passion and vision in mind. The vision being to achieve the desired end with emphasis on providing a true experience through your brand or services; the passion creates the unique steps to reach the end with an impact.


We help you build with personal development tactics, networking and collaboration strategies, concept mapping, budgeting, and so much more. If you need help, we have the tools to get you there!


We aim to help our clients think in the mindset of longevity for their business and personal growth. We aim to help execute the small or large tasks necessary to take your business or career to the next level.


Whether Corporate America or the serial entrepreneur. From construction to fashion. We strive to help anyone in any industry build themselves to last. 

Services Overview


Every career path or business structure should have a plan. What will your company look like in one year, five years, maybe even next week? What are the small details that will have a large impact? You should be setting yourself up to think long-term and the impression you want to make in your profession?


Want to host an event for your brand? Planning to launch a new service or project? Have a big marketing campaign you want to put together? Ready to make a career move, but you don't know what steps to take. Let us help you organize and think critically about the action steps to set and meet your objectives.


Every person's goal should not just be financial stability, but financial freedom. What is one of the ways to get there? BUDGETING!!! Having a concrete visual of your daily, monthly, and yearly income and expenses will help you feel better about your financial position and give you accountability for what's in your wallet or how your business is performing.


You should be building yourself for on-paper as well as in-person presence. When you are being considered for a position or your business is being considered for contracting, there are a wealth of things people are looking at to consider doing business with you. From your appearance physically and virtually, to the layout of your resume/portfolio, to how you communicate through different media. Proper business etiquette will ensure you are perceived in the highest professional regard.


Working together should always be a goal. We can accomplish so many things when we work together. By working together we can spread more knowledge and accomplish some amazing things. We can help you with your ideal collaborations, or put you in position to work with some amazing people to help you build your brand further.

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