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Welcome to G4 Unlimited!

G4 Unlimited, LLC is a motivational speaking and empowerment coaching brand dedicated to helping you discover your passions to drive your purpose in order to unlock your unlimited potential. Through self-discovery, dynamic planning, and strategic collaboration efforts we will help you turn internal conflict to external reward.

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I am Marquice Gee

Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Founder of G4 Unlimited

I am Marquice Gee, Founder of G4 Unlimited. I am from Indianapolis, and I have a true passion for seeing younger generations in the Hoosier state come together to create a new atmosphere. I have attended school, went to church, graduated college, and started my professional career all in the state of Indiana, and it has given me the opportunity to see the area grow and witness the budding potential for the future. I hear so many people talk about wanting to leave Indiana. Some have valid reasons, but listening to others made me realize that many people wanted to leave to avoid a problem: Not knowing exactly what they wanted in life. I have traveled across the world and come across people who knew something about Indiana. This began my pursuit to encourage young creatives and professionals in the Hoosier state and beyond to invest more in themselves and find ways to create what they want to see in their home, and thus G4 Unlimited, LLC was born.

At G4 Unlimited, LLC we firmly believe that with the right resources and a growth mindset, you are destined to unlock your #unlimitedpotential!


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Business Consultation

We host events, panels, and community conversations for schools, companies, and small organizations to help  facilitate discussions and engage with the audience.

Motivational Speaker

Looking to upgrade your event to an experience? We spice up traditional corporate events to make them a next level experience. We help plan, coordinate, and facilitate an experience that will wow your audience! 

Business People Talking

 We specialize in teaching network strategy to help you network your way to success. We will build tools unique to the individual to garner greater confidence, more clarity, and higher exposure to help you grow your personal network.  We will develop and implement strategies for you to create, sustain, and maintain meaningful connections with the right people.

Work With Me

Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for an energetic and inspiring speaker for your next event? Are you looking to host a workshop for your staff or students? From elementary school to college. From churches to corporations. We are able to communicate to a broad base of listeners on a variety of topics including: conquering self-esteem, network design, personal development, post-graduate preparedness, longevity mindset in career and business, foreign relations and social awareness, and more! We can arrange tailored workbooks and courses to improve your development experience, as well as incorporate a workshop or experience-based activity. We can also arrange or recommend additional speakers from our network to cover topics in financial literacy, workforce development, socioeconomic injustice, and more.



As someone recently making a shift from one career to another, I was struggling with confidence and making purposeful decisions. During my sessions with Marquice, she helped me realize the principles and ethics that guide my work style. She made me address my weaknesses, but then gave me the tools to improve them. Thanks to Marquice’s coaching, I began making better business decisions, and producing more meaningful work. I would not have had the professional and personal breakthroughs I had without Marquice’s guidance. She is professional, understanding, and excellent at listening and then giving constructive feedback. I recommend her services to anyone stuck in a professional rut; she’s the best motivational coach

—  Kate Woods

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